Nawrangpur Municipality

Shankar Kerketta,OAS(S)
Shankar Kerketta,OAS(S)

Executive Officer,
Nabarangpur Municipality


What's New

The Nabarangpur Municipality was formed as Union Board under the provisions of Madras Local Bodies Act 1920. Subsequently it has been converted to Notified Area Council on 01.07.1953 and eventually as Municipality on 20.07.1970. This Municipality is consisting of 3 Revenue villages namely Nabarangpur, Sadasivpur & Chamuriaguda with 3 hamlets.

     The area of the Municipality is 21.004 Sq. Kms. The surrounding villages namely Nauguda, Podalguda & Hirli which are nearest to Nabarangpur Municipality are getting the urban facilities. As such these villages are required to be merged in Nabarangpur Municipality for improving the Revenue collection of Nabarangpur Municipality and for its strengthening.

     There are 17 wards in this Municipality. As per 2001 census the total population of this Municipality is 28005. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Nabarangpur has an average literacy rate of 79.1%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy is 87.7 % and female literacy is 69.5% . In Nabarangpur 12% of the population is less than 6 years of ages. Out of which 3216 are SC, 3242 are ST and 21547 other population.


This Municipality is bounded by the following boundaries:

i. East: Koiguda & Mirganguda village.
ii. West: Kusumi & Hirli Village.
iii. North: Podalguda & Majhiguda village.
iv. South: Daibhata village & River Indravati

Address of the Main Office:

Nabarangpur Municipality, Nabarangpur

Working Hours:

Morning Hour: 10.00 A.M
Closing Hour: 5.00 P.M

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